Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Mad About Movement Registration form & Preliminary Class Activity Schedule

View the registration form here:

(E-mail update 21 Nov 2013: Please send us an e-mail to receive updates about the Mad About Movement 30 Day Challenge)

10 days until we start our activity classes in the sunshine, outdoors... In the best City in South Africa!
I wonder if you can feel my enthusiasm radiate through the e-mail? I hope you can, because summer is something to be AMPED about and we're planning on taking it up a notch further with our fun movement activities we've got planned...

So I've been working hard all week and weekend to organise this challenge for you'll. There is now a registration form to fill in and send back and a preliminary class activity schedule to have a look at. This makes the whole challenge a little more tangible in the mind.
(please e-mail us at madlifecoach@gmail.com to receive the registration form).

Registration form, Win and Entry Fee or Get a Fat Discount on your Entry:You'll find the registration form attached below. Fill it out and send it back our way: madlifecoach@gmail.com
There is still time to stand a chance to win your entry fee, but you'll need to hustle and find 5 friends to spread the word to before Friday the 25th October, 2013. How you can do that:
1) This is a link to the Mad About Yoga Facebook link of the Challenge Flyer, Share it to your timeline and tag five of your friends: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=601872069877051&set=a.600399746690950.1073741828.598235533574038&type=1&theater
Get your friends involved. You'll go into the lucky draw.
If you don't win and entry, you can still get a fat discount if two of your friends register and pay for joining the challenge... Yes, you're friends also get the fat discount (R285 instead of R380) if they join.

Sneak peak into the Workbook:I've also been designing & writing your workbooks. I'm not finished yet, but will be come the 1st of Nov! here's what's in it:
  • Welcome, brief purpose and project explanation, schedule & class activities
  • Brief explanations on how the challenge works, how to check in with our point system and how the leader board works.
  • We're not nutritionists, but we know a lot about eating whole food, how to prepare it and which foods and hidden ingredients unseeingly sabotage your healthy eating habits. We believe in offering some tips on better food choices, we share healthy alternatives and a few recipes to complement your movement efforts. We believe in eating real, whole foods. We'll share a few of the things we know with you.
  • Work out templates or worksheets to get you started on the "Move Yourself Days", Yoga Worksheets, Coherence Meditation & relaxation sheets, Some interesting articles on primal movement and links to free movement and fitness e-book downloads.
  • Resources guide to the best well-being professionals in Cape Town

Schedule is subject to change:
* We're reaching out to individuals from all walks of life, who have made the transition from couch to inspired Mover to come and talk and teach us more about movement. We want to expose you to ordinary people who do extraordinary things. So things might shift around on the schedule to incorporate guest speakers, make way for free well-being talks and coaches or individuals who are conscious creators of their lifestyles.
* Also, depending on if we can gather enough participants by the 1st, we might shift the starting date to mid November as a back up plan, nevertheless, come rain or shine, the challenge will be happening. We'll keep you updated at all times on Facebook: Mad About movement

It's not about us, it's about you:
Now this is all good and useful to some degree, but it means nothing if the content in the workbook doesn't meet something you need... So, please reply to the e-mail and let us know what you'd like to have touched on in terms of topic that goes along in line with how to incorporate Movement into your lifestyle change!
Ultimately, we want to serve your needs in this project and leave you inspired and actualized into ultimate health and well-being!
Please send us any questions, we'd love to hear from you.

Help us change lives; share!
Please, get your friends involved, support the cause for a healthier society, one person at a time by inviting your friends to join the challenge or just to participate in a class activity here and there.

Prizes up for grabs:So there are quite a few lifestyle prize up for grabs:
  • Beta Lifestyle Coaching x 12 sessions and 1 x Mad Lifestyle Make-Over Session the the value of R3350
  • The Mad Team Makes you a healthy dinner: we'll teach you what you need to know in making delicious, healthy meals by cooking with you. We'll send you the list of ingredients to obtain, we'll do the hands on cooking at your place. This service is usually to the value of R1520
  • Consultation with the world renowned astrologer, Anita Noyes-Smith to the value of R1500
  • Audi gift bag to the value of R1000
  • etc
  • AND the best prize of all: a new outlook and enjoyment for movement and living it large with your health and well-being.

Can't wait to meet you all!

Mads and the Mad About Movement Team
Brought to you by Mad About My Life: Lifestyle Coach & Consulting

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