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I have a way of viewing the world... and it is by no means unique! There are many who choose to be extraordinary and extraordinary isn't too far off for anyone who is willing to open their hearts and free the mind.

The concept behind naming my coaching business  "Mad About My Life" was to introduce a new status quo, questioning how we quantify the overall quality of our day-to-day lives. How do we really feel about the lives we lead... since we are just that resonant energy that all our systems exist upon?

My question to you is; are you mad about your life or are you Mad About Your Life (read that as Mad-Crazy-In-Love About your Life), and what are you going to do about it?

Here at M. A. M. L. I believe that if things are feeling "meh" in your life, then you can CHOOSE to step up your life's standards & quality to the "awesome" setting!

I'm not for everybody, but I can do an extraordinary job for the few people that I want to work with and those who are ready and who want to work with me. If you're ready to step up the awesome setting, find out how you can become a beta client (guinea pig client) and what that's all about on this page: "Work With Me".

When I came across the video below earlier this year via a like-minded visionary, I knew I wanted it to be the first thing you see, because a simple perspective shift can be so powerful in "dialling" up the way you view your world.

This Is Water ~ by David Foster Wallace

It is my purpose and vision to show others how to connect the disconnect on all levels when it comes to living the life we dream of.

I invite you to read through the website tabs, check out the different package options & consider becoming a guinea pig client. I trust the coaching process 100%. Let's get the life you want clear and actualised, give me a call or send me an e-mail.

Here's to designing your life on purpose!


"The magnitude of space and time within your innermost dominant thoughts determines the level of conscious evolution you've obtained. The breadth of your vision (*and depth of experience) determines the quality of your life and the effect you have on the world."
~ John Demartini
(* my addition).