Package Rates

Package Options:

  1. Basic one-on-one guinea pig coaching:
    1 x trial/ complementary session.
    R180/ hour (+ R20 if travelling to you) Save R170
  2. Lifestyle Coaching/ Consulting
    1 x trial/ complementary Session.
    1 x Initial Lifestyle Make-Over session (2 hours) @ R380 (purchased separately) and thereafter,
    Coach consulting sessions @ R250. Save R150
  3. Lifestyle Coaching/ Consulting & Yoga /Movement Option A)
    1 x trial/ complementary session.
    1 x Initial Lifestyle Make-Over Session (2 hours) @ R380 (purchased separately)
    2 coaching/consulting per month +  12 early AM yoga group classes per month @ R740. Save R440
  4. Lifestyle Coaching/ Consulting & Private Yoga/Movement Option B)
    1 x trial/ complementary session.
    1 x Initial Lifestyle Make-Over Session (2 hours) R380 (purchased separately)
    2 coach/consulting sessions & 4 private one-on-one yoga/movement sessions per month @ R2000.
    Or 4 Coach consulting sessions & 2 one-on-one movement sessions per month @ R2000

    *Note: Mixed packages are not limited to yoga: Please contact me to enquire more about other movement options.

    Save R1120
  5. About The Mad Lifestyle Make-Over Session:
    If you have an objective you want to achieve concerning your health, would like the low-down & an objective view on what's happening in your pantry, fridge space and time, you can purchase a Lifestyle Make-Over Session @ R380 for 2 hours if you are enrolled as a Beta Coach. (*See note below). Beta Coaching Clients save R970
    Let's cleans your cupboards, space and time to make room for real health and happiness. By the time we're done, you'll have a better understanding of what needs to go and what can stay and how to go about making these changes.

    * Lifestyle Make-Over Note:
    If you are not a regular Beta Coaching Client, but you'd like someone to help you identify how to clear up your space and start healthy eating habits (and any of your own Lifestyle habits of choice) as a once off, the service charge is R1350 for 3 hours, accompanying worksheets, informational material and resources.
    Subsequent sessions @ R200/ hour.

Please Note:

  • All packages are at a set monthly rate with the exception of option 1) as you will choose how many coaching session in a month you'd need. That can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Payment for all packages are required up front as a way to take the work you'll be doing seriously. In this way you are less likely to cancel without forfeiting and motivated to follow through especially when you don't feel like it.

Other Services: Mad About Yoga

  • Underground Early AM group yoga classes @ R380 for one month subscription.
  • Private one-on-one Yoga Coaching @ R380 per hour
  • Semi-Private Yoga Session @ R285 p/p
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