About Package Options

Beta coach consulting package options:

Here is a brief description of the coaching packages you could choose from to meet your lifestyle needs.
Please note that for any noticeable change to occur I offer all packages agreements for the minimum of three month (12 weeks).

1) Mad Beta Coaching:

Here we meet once a week or twice a month (depending on how fast you want to process & progress). Sessions last for 1 hour. Coaching is all about checking in with where you're at presently and drawing out your vision and master plan. The process is one of fast tracking the plateaus or overwhelm we feel we get stuck in so that you can get back to being the person you know you can be and doing the important things that get you to where you want to go. Be prepared to be diligent in exploring your thoughts, feelings, perceptions .. be prepared to take matters into your own hands through focused solution orientated action, feedback and most of all be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone to get what you want.
Check out the "Work With Me" page to read about our first meet up and then head to the "Contact Me" page to give me a call.

2) Lifestyle Coaching & Consulting Package:

The first meet up is your complementary or trial session. Here chat about my style of coaching and how it works, You'll have time to present any questions and we'll do a short coaching session.
After deciding if we are a good fit for creating the lifestyle of your dreams, we get right to work.
If you aren't quite sure what you'd like to create lifestyle-wise, it's useful to do a few coaching sessions to draw out your core values, work around any old belief systems that aren't serving you before knowing which goals and actions to set. Once that's pretty clear we now know what to look for in the Lifestyle Session.

The Mad Lifestyle Make-Over Session:

Time Management:

If we can connect your "why" in filling your time with high priority daily actions on what you value and wish to create, to the changes you're looking for, we'll find clarity in the goals and actions you'll love to create. This will allow you to filter out or eliminate lower priority actions to free up you time for the effective things. We start with looking at how you spend your time and how to leverage it in ways that get you closer to creating more of what you want. This step will be more effective if we've already explored your core values in our one-on-one coaching sessions.

Your Living Space:

The lifestyle session is where the consulting comes in. Set aside about 2 hours for this as we go through your living space... because its now time to look at the environment you're living in so that I can help YOU diagnose what needs to change. Effective change is conducive to your environment in all areas of life. Yep, this can be a really fun part of the process but it can be difficult as it requires more focussed awareness around areas that tend to fall under "auto-pilot".

Clean Eating:

Then comes your food quality... so we venture into the pantry and fridge to see what's serving your health best as well as connecting them to your "purpose" and we toss the stuff that's not part of creating the life you're not so "mad about".

Your Choice Need:

Next we tackle anything else in your living space that comes out of our previous coaching sessions. This process creates a more visual and tangible guide into creating an action plan. It helps you to identify certain habits that have been keeping you stuck/overwhelmed and helps you to rate it against your values. In this way, you can shift, let go, clear space and get down to business.

For the rest of the time left over, we sit together and start mapping out your personal plan for success. If time runs out we can either continue into the one-on-one coaching sessions or we can do a Subsequent session @ R200/ hour.

Continued Coaching:

After the Lifestyle session, we now have a clear objective continue the coaching process so that we can continue to prompt change, approach any obstetrical, prioritize, assess what works and doesn't and celebrate your milestones.

My objective as your coach, will be to support this change, hold a safe space, create awareness, hold you accountable, share my resources and hopefully rub off on you enough so that you learn tools on how to do all this for yourself.

3) Lifestyle Coach/Consulting & Yoga/Movement option A)

This option is the same as above with the addition of early morning group yoga classes to go along with your lifestyle plan.

You get 2 coaching sessions per month & 12 early morning group yoga classes to attend in this package. Please note that this package is at a set monthly rate.
The Initial Lifestyle session is not included in the set fee. It is a session to be used when you are ready to go in deep. See the above description.

For more information on the yoga classes and descriptions, check out my other blog website:Mad About Yoga or go ahead and give me a call.

4) Lifestyle Coaching/ Consulting & Private Yoga option B)

This option includes everything in option 2.
Option 1) 4 sessions of private yoga instruction & 2 sessions of life caoching
Option 2) 2 sessions of yoga or movement & 4 sessions of life coaching.
* Please note that the movement options are not limited to yoga movement, do contact me to enquire about other movement options.

Scheduling the sessions:
We'll book dates provisionally for your sessions, and scatter them through out the month. Each month we plan accordingly.
This package can be downgraded after a 12 session cycle.

  • Check out the fees page for each option here.