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Want to be a beta tester (A.K.A. guinea pig) client?

Be sure to check out our package options on the "About Package Options" for a description of each option that I offer as a lifestyle & movement coach. Click here to go to the page.
Don't skip over viewing the About Coaching page to learn what coaching is and how these skills will benefit your life.

Since I'm working my way to becoming a credentialed life coach, it's time to start practising my coaching skills. Hence me offering coaching sessions at a really good rate. It's the testing and skill honing phase of my training while I launch this new dynamic to what I do and I'm really keen to get my hands dirty in the work... This is where you come in...

Become a Beta Client:

Be sure to send me an e-mail or even better, give me a phone call and lets have a chat about the process & any other points of interest & to set up a complementary meet up time and place. I always get to meet my potential clients first to see if I would be a good fit. We'll exchange contact info so that I can send you more info on the coaching process.

The first meet up:

After you give me a call and set up a time and place, we'll meet up. Here we can chat more about how the coaching process works, what my role is in this professional relationship as your potential coach, what your role will be as the expert of your life, and any other background questions & interests, different coaching options etc.. We will then do a 30 min coaching session to establish a little more about what you'd like to work on in your life and answer any left over questions you might have.

I'll then send you a follow up e-mail with the coaching agreement and more focused and in-depth questionnaire which you'd need to fill out and send back.

Session meet-up options:

  • Vineyard Hotel Lounge: This is great for the initial meeting up session (& do coffee at the same time). But is more open than private, so that needs to be taken into consideration on what sort of privacy setting you'd like.
  • On-line via Skype: A popular option, also a really convenient & cost effective way to communicate. Country is now not a boundary and makes international coaching an option. I have two clients in the USA who use this for our sessions together. This way it saves on travelling experiences and you can do it at your convenience wherever you are. This options is popular from the office or for travel. I prefer video calls as I can better read your non-verbal cues... but not always necessary.
  • One-to-one @ the Vineyard Hotel Lounge: This is great for the initial meeting up session (& do coffee at the same time). But is more open than private, so that needs to be taken into consideration on what sort of privacy setting you'd like. 
  • One-to-one Walk & Talk Coaching: My favourite kind! Walks are really relaxing as it creates openness. Once again it's all about what you feel you need mostly, timing and the weather. I must say that when people are looking for lifestyle changes, this is a great way to create more positive changes around movement. 
  • One-to-one @ your Work Place: I one taught a private yoga client at their office space. This depends on the nature of your work and of course the okay from "the boss".
  • One-to-one @ your home: A really convenient place to be coached. Call out fees apply for this option.
*There is no call up fee for meeting over Skype or an agreed upon location like the hotel or walk and talk meeting.
*We can always do a variety of these depending on your needs at the time, so you are free to choose whichever method you feel up for.
*Please not that there is an additional rate for call-out fees (me travelling to your destination like work or your home @ R20).

Qualifications for Beta Lifestyle Coach Consulting: 

You'll need to decide  if you are ready and willing to meet the following criteria, in order to be legible for coaching with me for a time. The purpose of this process is to make sure of your willingness to do the work it requires to acquire and design what you want. By meeting the list below, we both know that you are ready for a mutually beneficial and accountable coaching relationship...

Now, knowing what you are in for, understanding your part, being decided that you are willing to learn and implement these things, and that you fully understand that it will be deeply challenging work... We can then go ahead and try it on for size with the first complementary introductory session.

If you're not so decided, but still want to chat more about it, I'm only a phone call or an e-mail away to answer any questions you have. I invite you to do so, so don't hesitate to reach out.

What's Next?

We have our first coaching session! Very simple.

Action Steps To becoming a Beta coaching client:

  1. Browse through the blog website & be inspired.
  2. Give me a phone call (best option) or and e-mail, contact me here. Let's set up a meeting day & time.
  3. Meet-up & chat over a coffee (hot chocolate if that's what you prefer) if you're local or via Skype if you're international. This will be your introductory session.
  4. If I feel we are a good match, you must be ready to get your hands dirty, commit for the 3 month agreement & give it your all! I'll then send you the agreement package and questionnaire.
  5. Boom, you're in! Please note, that while I have the desire to be of value to many, I only take on clients' who are intently serious about stepping it up because showing up for yourself in ways that you might never have done before is going to require that level of commitment and I don't mess around.

Please don't be shy and share with a friend if you'd think they would benefit from the coaching process.
Looking forward to working with you.