Monday, 8 July 2013

Clarity Creates Certainty

Clarity creates certainty, once you are clear on what you value, what your drivers are, you can update the old ones that run the show. Change only happens with real conviction and it is what you believe that will drive your actions (or lack of action).

Change for the sake of change is difficult to sustain! The proof is in those many perceived failures from past attempts.

Know your "why"! Clarity creates certainty, the strongest certainty always wins!

I struggle a lot with making decisions (especially the important ones). And the more I dig into clearing my lack of clarity, that has recently come to light, I wonder how many of you might benefit from or resonate with my latest insights?


  1. Know what you want. Every one is running on some sort of blue print, conscious or not... which side is what you want sitting on; conscious or unconscious?
  2.  If actions are run by your unconscious beliefs and you aren't too sure of what your values are... Well, you guessed it, you'll be wading through misery when the life you want doesn't match up to your actions.
  3. Making changes that someone else prescribes AIN'T going to work either (not unless it's deeply aligned with your values & vision). Another reason that might not work 100%, is because even though the person prescribing advice is experienced... you're unique and you are the only one who will listen to you in the end. You ultimately, are the expert in your life.
  4. Lack of clarity on ones values (your own not those which are prescribed to you by your minister or mother) = low conviction for change.
  5. Therefore; a lot of the frustration we modern folk face; might be due to the fact that we make too much compromise on our authenticity & autonomy (who we are) and what we want.
  6. We chase interests without really knowing our true values because of the above and are swayed from here to there like drifters, never surmounting to much more than the mundane state of auto-pilot & ultimately perpetuating more of what we don't want.
  7. Change is directly proportionate to the degree in which you value the change you're looking for. Or shall I rather say it like this: you will not change something about yourself until it is valuable enough to do so - to the point it outweighs the cost for staying the same. I.O.W.: How can you ELEVATE the change you're looking for to a higher statues of value?
  8.  Figuring out this s#%t is scary, because it means that you are actually in the drivers seat and you have to be brutally honest if you want to create the life you would love to live more deliberately

You say you want to change... but what is the perceived cost?
How willing are you to pay the price?
What's the price you are paying for staying right where you are?
Red pill or Blue pill?

And for a fun and dramatic effect... a clip from The Matrix just in case you're wondering which pill is which.

Think of the "the Matrix" he's talking about as your beliefs and perceptions as a lens through which you "see"; creating the world you experience.


Know what you want! This is the big "why". Find a way to align you actions to your values in creating what you want! This is perhaps the best kind of motivation and it is something you are intrinsically inspired by.
Can you see your purpose, your dream/vision, the life you would love to have?
Key: how certain are you that it's going to happen?
Can you visualise, taste, smell, hear, touch it, feel it?
What's the first thing you can think of to do to get clear?

It is my purpose, my mission to help others reconnect the disconnection that can run on autopilot and through coaching those who are ready; empowering themselves to become more conscious creators of the lives they'd love.

Create your life deliberately.
Are you mad about your life... Or are you Mad-Crazy-In-Love About your life? It's a choice,

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