About Coaching

About Coaching:

In the coaching relationship... it's all about you! It's a synergistic process where, you're the expert and I'm your sounding board. It's all about you taking responsibility for the life you have (look at where you currently are) and want (where you'd like your life to be) and everything in it. In the process, we discover the miss-match (if there is any), find your core values and dreams and through deliberate collaboration, we design (you design) the steps to move you in the direction to making whatever part you want into a reality. From time to time, we dabble (we don't get lost) in the past events for context, we neutralize some of those blocks till you're thankful for past experiences and can connect them in a way that creates gratitude, inspiration and action towards your future. The coaching process includes thought provoking questions (curiosity gets you into solution seeking prospective = more empowering), feedback, re-framing and accountability.

Through the process, you start learning these awareness skills and develop more emotional intelligence and capacity to expand into your full potential.
This is a totally open, non-judgemental and confidential space.
I'm not going to sugar coat it for you (even though the above sounds pretty sweet); it takes guts to own your s*%t and to see that happiness isn't all positive thoughts and roses. Instead, through the process you find the coherence, congruence and presence to see everything (both the negative and positive forces of life) as perfectly balanced and exactly what you need to step into your value (what you've here to do/your potential). It's about; not being ruled by emotional overwhelm or circumstances. Rather, it's about taking your life and creating more of what you want ON PURPOSE. Life no longer happens to you, instead, it starts happening for you.
It requires: courage, letting go to attached stories of your past (shifting perspective), experimentation (stepping out your comfort zone), finding the skills you need to adopt to make change (adaptability), accountability (setting yourself up to be held accountable DELIBERATELY - useful for those days of doubt), planning, self awareness, measurement, re-assessment.

What is coaching and how does it work?

Coaching is an action orientated support service that helps one draw in awareness around current ways of being (checking in), thinking and how to create change through thought provoking questioning. Coaching moves you forward by identifying you values/priorities for change, creates a manageable action plan towards that focus and uses accountability to ensure there is progress.
Coaching focuses on the client as the expert in the sense of empowerment from within rather than looking to outside sources for "fixing" or fulfilment. One learns how to perpetuate that for oneself; here you are in the drivers seat on your journey... I'm your coach companion, here to help you challenge, possibly redefine your potential.

Through the power of a safe and honest conversation, the process can help you see things with new eyes to momentum forward.

I apply the coaching skills to regular sessions or a combination of coach/ consulting for clients who want a total lifestyle shift. Check out the package options I offer here.

What Coaching is not.

It's not therapy, counselling or anything of the sort. I deal with the current blocks and move you forward until you can learn the process and take the momentum over. We revert back into the past only if it comes up, to find context and to break through the blockages... otherwise, we step into becoming the master of your destiny - we don't dabble in being victims of our past.
This is not a "one-size-fit-all" approach and any tools we try out are used in a manner that provokes the best direction for you. Each package options will still be finger-print specific to each individual.
There's no spoon-feeding here: I'll help you draw things to light so that you can design a high action plan to execute.

About Me:

"It is my purpose, my mission to find the best practical and effective knowledge, wisdom, tools and methods that help me to expand my own evolution and growth to lead a fulfilling life. It adds great value in my life to help others reconnect the disconnection in all areas of life (that can get stuck running on autopilot and) through coaching those who are ready. I help others to find their purpose, align their values with their actions so that stepping up for change is real and attainable... Through the art of coaching, others learn the skill of empowering themselves to become more conscious creators of the lives they'd love."

I live in Cape Town, I'm a mother, wife and a visionary. I'm into expressing life and challenging myself in all areas. I love to move my body and am becoming a little bit of a fitness nut.  I'm an entrepreneur because I enjoy creating value for others based on my understanding and experience. I enjoy creating a close knit community (tribe) and collaborating with businesses and organisations that are aligned with my purpose.  I'm the owner & founder of Mad About Yoga (my first real entrepreneurial endeavour). I'm a well-being lifestyle coach because what conventional wisdom sells our society is B.S. and is making us fat and unhappy and takes us away from our natural state of connection and potential... I learn from the best mentors (yes, I definitely have my own coaches). I continually strive to carry the torch forward; not because I need the permission to do so, but because I give myself permission to do so, and I KNOW that I can make my own rules through experience and through seeing it work for so many others.

The life coaching process is just amazing to me and so profound. It was through the coaching process, where I found the liberty to take responsibility in creating the life I knew I was destined to live and that gave me the courage to expand beyond my self-limiting fears. On my journey, I discovered the deep disconnection and found purpose, meaning and drive to create things I never thought I was capable of doing, fast track my awareness, improve my emotional intelligence capacities, identify my values, autonomy and finally; to speak my message. I've had a life coach for several years now and cannot relay how the process has helped me evolve in my own life adequately enough, as it's something you just experience.
I'm currently a coaching student at the Academy of Coaching Cognition (ICF) and have already begun the process of required paid fieldwork coaching hours, this is my beta website.

It's inevitable that people ask me for my credentials, however, so here they are:

  • Presently studying the Core Competency Skill Development for Basic Coaching at the Academy of Coaching Cognition through the International Coaching Federation. In which I'm required  to accumulate a minimum of 100 paid hours (minimum of 8 clients) to complete my first certified coach credential (Associate Certified Coach)... I'll be pursuing Master Certified Coach.
  • Founded Mad About Yoga in Nov 2011 to present.
  • Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga TM with Sadie Nardini in 2011 ERYT
  • First level International Yoga Certification in Oct 2011
  • Started teaching yoga in Jan 2011
  • Started doing yoga in  Feb 2009